I Got a YouTube Channel!

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 7.27.12 PMSooooooo, I made a YouTube channel. I decided it would be a great way to bring this website to life and actually get to interact with those who read my posts. My channel can be found ‘here‘. Also, I’d appreciate it if you could hit that subscribe button ❤️.

The content will be similar to what is already posted here, but in video format. I am also open to suggestions on what videos I should make.

Stay inside and wash your hands frequently 😊

– Bikram

4 thoughts on “I Got a YouTube Channel!

  1. Wow, sounds very interesting! I already subscribed to it.

    Could you make videos about “academic/general life advice for the first-year U of T computer engineering students” or something like that? I don’t have any acquaintances who are studying at the U of T engineering 😦

    Also, I would greatly appreciate if you could explain the PEY system in depth. Information about the PEY on the U of T website is not enough to fully understand how it works.

    Lastly, I am wondering how did you study your programming knowledge. I only know really basic things about C language, so I am a bit worried about falling behind when the semester starts.


    1. Thank you Justin!

      Those are all great ideas. Maybe I can even invite some upper years who have already finished PEY to help out with the videos.

      For programming, I honestly did not have that much experience before starting the C Programming course (APS105). The course does start off slow and teaches the basics, but it picks up really really fast and becomes pretty difficult. The past 2 have had some horror exams. Since you already know the basics, you should be in a better position than I was aha. My recommendation would be to practice programming questions as much as you can (lots of great resources online). Practicing questions helps to learn the language while also improving your “logic thinking”.


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